The College of William and Mary's



Through strategic organization and planning, the a cappella council provides opportunities for a cappella groups to sing, fosters an environment in which students can seek leadership experience, and supports inter-group relationships. The council also serves as the main point of contact for any a cappella- related questions and requests!

A Cappella Council's main goal is to create a community of singers that fosters unity and inclusion. In the past, we struggled with ensuring that the council is a space where everyone feels welcome. Because of that, we would like to say that we stand behind the Black Lives Matter Movement. Music is a medium that people use to express themselves and come together; there is no better time to use our voices than now. We thank the groups who have participated in the protest, donated, and begun to talk about race. First, police brutality must end. Second, our community has to take to take larger steps towards inclusivity, but there is so much more that we can, and will, do. We urge all, not just William and Mary Students, to stay well informed and take part during this time.